What is Xammp?

Xampp is an extremely useful and useful web server software system that you can use when setting up and managing a website. Xampp, which you can upload to your server while preparing and developing your website; It provides you with systems such as PHP, Apache, Perl, MariaDB, Tomcat, MercuryMail and Filezilla, allowing you to publish your website easily.

What is Xampp?

Xampp, which provides great convenience to website designers and owners during the website setup and management stages . Thanks to its rich content, it allows you to publish your site on the internet as you wish. It is software that makes it easy for you to use your server as a web server. In this way, it turns your own server into a hosting environment.

With an extremely simple interface and practical use, Xampp only works on your server and prevents outside access. In this way, the software package that provides the hosting security of your website can run on all operating systems. The software, which has separate versions for Windows, Linux and MacOS, can be used on both desktop and laptop computers.

The name Xammp is an acronym formed from the initials of the systems and features included in the software. The letter X refers to the “Cross-Platform” feature, while the other letters symbolize Apache, MysQL, PHP and Perl systems. Being open source, Xampp includes all the necessary components for your website’s server and offers a flawless service.

How to Install Xampp?

Installing Xampp is extremely simple. Clicking the “Download Xampp” button on the official website of the software is enough for the installation file to download to your computer. Afterwards, you can easily install the software on your server by following the instructions of the file. The use of Xampp differs on each platform, as the software is cross-platform, that is, it is a product with different versions for all operating systems.

When installing, it is recommended that you first make sure that you download the appropriate file for your operating system. Then you need to open the setup screen and select the systems you will install on your server via Xampp. Apache and PHP systems come automatically installed. Other systems are presented to you as a menu and you are expected to specify the files to be uploaded according to your needs.

After you determine the systems you will use, the Xampp software and the systems you choose are installed on your computer, together with the installation instruction. When the installation process is completed, you need to select the language in which you will use the software from the screen that appears . After completing the language selection, you can start using Xampp and turning your own computer into a hosting environment for your website by giving the command to open the control panel.

Why Use Xampp?

The biggest advantage of Xampp software is that it allows you to perform server operations for your website from your home or office. Since Xampp WordPress is easy to install, it can be easily used by those who prepare their own site from ready-made templates.

Another advantage of using Xampp is that it allows you to intervene directly in emergency situations. Thanks to Xampp, if there is a problem with the hosting of your site, you can intervene through your server and solve your problem without wasting time . In this way, you can prevent your site from becoming inaccessible, even temporarily, and prevent your visitor traffic from decreasing.

Having a very useful system, Xampp also saves you time by allowing you to perform all your transactions practically and quickly. The software, which can also be developed with regularly released update packages, allows you to use the most up-to-date versions of the systems it contains, allowing you to benefit from the most advanced hosting processes. 

Another advantage of using Xampp is that it can easily provide your privacy . The software, which allows you to personally manage your hosting operations, helps you to keep all important information about your website confidential. The software, which prevents you from sharing information about the security of your site with third parties, also minimizes the risk of abuse.

What Are Xampp Alternatives?

Xampp is a highly effective and successful software and is preferred by many people who want to host their website on a server. Alternative software called “Xampp alternatives” around the world stands out by providing all the benefits that Xampp provides to you. The most preferred Xampp alternatives are as follows.

  • Lamp Server:  Written for the Linux operating system, Lamp Server is among the most effective Xampp alternatives. Lamp Server, which is a combination of four different open source systems; It allows you to take advantage of Apache, HTTP, MySQL and PHP systems.
  • Wamp Server: Wamp Server, which allows you to convert your Windows operating system servers into web servers; Apache, SSL, OpenSSL, MySQL and PHP systems are available to you, and with its handy interface, it allows you to save time while doing your hosting operations.
  • Mamp Server:  Mamp Server, which is a web server software designed for computers running the macOS operating system, is free , allowing you to easily host your website without exceeding your budget.
  • Wimp Server:  Wimp, another software that you can use on computers with Windows operating system, has paid and free package options . In this way, the software, which can be used in both low and high density sites, has a high performance.

What is LampServer?

Lamp Server is a server software that takes its name from Linux , Apache, MySQL and PHP and is extremely effective for Linux users. Lamp Server, which you can choose in cases where Xampp is insufficient or cannot perform the desired performance in the Linux version, has open source systems and gives you a great advantage as it is a free software.

Lamp Server, which can be used safely in high-traffic and high-volume sites; It allows different sites such as e-commerce, social media, video streaming to be managed over the server. Offering a fast and satisfying user experience to site visitors, the software also stands out by regularly updating the open source systems it contains.

What is WampServer?

Wamp Server, written in order to use your Windows operating system servers as hosting space, is one of the most preferred Xampp alternatives around the world. The software, which has a very practical way of use, also helps you to test HTTP and PHP based websites via localhost address and see the problems before publishing them on the internet.

Wamp Server, one of the most useful server software, can be used on many versions of Windows. The software, which has separate versions for Windows operating systems versions , is compatible with the operating system updates on your computer, thanks to its regular updates, and thus ensures the continuity of your hosting operations by preventing operating system problems.

What is MampServer?

Mamp Server, which is one of the software you can apply to convert your computers with macOS operating system into a server environment, offers you a great advantage thanks to its support for many software languages. Mamp Server, which enables you to have your own server environment ready for use in minutes, allows you to easily meet all the hosting needs of your website.

Mamp Server, which allows you to choose the system you want during installation and thus enables you to perform your hosting works in the most appropriate way for your website, defines your computer as admin and thus prevents external access to your hosting operations. The software, which allows your website to be published securely, can be run on all versions of the MacOS operating system.