What is Whois Hiding Service?

Whois hiding is a domain service that prevents domain name registration information from being seen by third parties. When purchasing a domain name, you must provide your name, surname, telephone and address information to the domain name registrar.

This information is publicly visible when a domain whois query is made. You can hide your personal information with the Whois protection  service.

Why is Whois Hiding Important?

Your domain registration information contains personal information specific to you. This information is stored by the world domain authority ICANN. This information may be used by malicious personal and may cause material and moral damages to you. 

Using your phone information in your Whois information, it can send you unwanted SMS, reach you by phone, charge a fee, or print to get your domain name, send spam mail using your e-mail information. He can even reach you easily with your address information. You can use the domain name whois hiding feature to avoid such bad situations. You can use your domain namewithout whois protection  feature.

How to Hide Whois?

You can perform domain whois protection  through the control panel of the domain company where your domain name is registered. After hiding whois, you can check whether the information is hidden by performing a Whois Inquiry .