What Is The Tweet Description Feature?

The feature that is currently being emphasized and studied on Twitter can be expressed as clarification or clarification. So what is the sharpening feature and what will it offer us?

As you know, news about the future of editing option on Twitter has started to appear recently. After this news, which attracted a lot of attention, it was also revealed that this will not come out anytime soon. But another similar feature is also being worked on. Clarification.

You tweeted and you think people are not fully understood or misunderstood. Or you made a simple word or spelling mistake. Now, to interfere with this tweet, you have to delete and rewrite it, but thanks to the explanation and clarification feature, it will be possible to add simple notes to this tweet. In this way, you can correct spelling mistakes or clarify what you are implying with a simple note.

The feature is currently being tested by Twitter. If successful, a process will begin for us to test. It will then be available to everyone.