What Is Instagram Multi-Account Sharing Feature?

An important update and an important feature has come to Instagram. It is possible to share a share in more than one of your attached accounts at the same time without dealing with this feature. This update is only available for iOS devices for now and it is not clear when it will arrive for Android. Let’s explain exactly what the feature is.

You choose the photo you want to share on Instagram. Then, after making other simple settings, in the new version, you can now see your other accounts added in the same application on the same phone. When you turn on the signs next to it, you can send this share to all of them at the same time as if you uploaded it from the same place.

This feature is a very effective feature for the Instagram accounts of companies with more than one product page. Because switching between accounts can become torture.

These buttons are just like the existing Facebook and Tumblr buttons, but the post looks like it was sent from that account. So it’s not in the form of a repost or a repost.

This feature is currently available on iOS devices.

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