What Is Google Play Latest Feature?

Although people have been looking for different Android app stores lately, Google Play continues to improve itself. A new feature has come to Google Play so that you can manage your games and applications on the phone more simply and consciously. You can find the details of this update in the rest of our article.

Two amazing features came with a single update. In Google Play, we will now be able to see how much storage space is left on our phone. This is the first feature. In this way, we can find out in advance whether we can install an application or not. To use this feature, go to Google Play and click the 3-line button at the top and look at the installed applications section from the my applications line. Here you can see how much storage you have left.

Another feature is again about managing storage space. When you click on the line showing the storage area, the Make room for you section will appear. Thanks to the free up space feature, you can directly see all your Google Play games and applications and uninstall one or multiple applications or games.

This innovation will probably start to appear in everyone in a short time.

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