Things To Do When Buying A Second Hand Phone

The used phone market has been on the rise a bit lately. The most important reason for this is that the prices of new phones are as high as possible. In this case, it is more attractive to buy a second-hand phone. So how much can you trust the other party when buying a second hand phone? Is the phone broken or not? How to understand them, we give a few suggestions.

Use Some

It is recommended to use the phone for an hour or two if possible. In this way, you increase your chances of seeing all the problems with your own eyes, if any. We can hardly do this when buying from dealers. It may be possible to buy from people. Be sure to offer to use it for a few hours.

Try To Buy From Dealers

When buying a second hand phone, try to choose dealers. In this way, if a problem arises, it is possible to find a contact person.

Contract With Invoice

A second hand phone bill is also required. Don’t tell me what to do with the invoice that the warranty is over. If the phone is a legal problem, you’ll need to show who you’re getting the bill from. In addition, an invoice is required for simple recognition of the phone by the manufacturer.

İmei Control

Be sure to check the imei number of the phone via e-state. It may not be registered or it may have come from abroad.

Check Phone

The most practical method in the iOS operating system is to quickly swipe the screen to the right and left, or to open and close the notification bar. If you’re stuck here, think a little more.

*#0*# In the Android operating system, it is also possible to test using this code from the search section.

Follow these steps and your money will not be wasted.

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