I Deleted A File In Google Drive How Can I Get It Back?

Google Drive, one of the most popular cloud storage systems in the world, offers quite a wide range of possibilities. Users also use Drive as cloud storage. In this article, we would like to briefly talk about how to get back a file you deleted from Google Drive under certain conditions.

Necessary terms probably 30 days. Like many cloud storage systems, Google Drive gives you 30 days to give your files a second chance. Enough time to delete a file and regret it. To undelete a file you deleted during this time, go to the Drive recycle bin and restore the deleted file to the desired folder.

  • I can’t find my file it doesn’t seem to be deleted!
  • Go to https://support.google.com/drive and click on contact us (top right).
  • Describe your problem. Do not forget to provide information about the file.

Drive specialist will give you detailed information about your file. It is possible to act in this way for very important files. We recommend using this option when you realize that you can never recover it.

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