How To Use Facebook Messenger Delete For Everyone Feature?

The feature to delete messages from everyone, which is available in many messaging applications, has finally been released. The feature, which has been in testing for a long time, is now available on Facebook Messenger. This feature is a life saver for messages you misspelled, mis-sent, regret or want to hide later.

How to use Facebook Messenger delete for everyone feature?

There is a very simple method for this. It’s just that it hasn’t been 10 minutes since you sent the message you needed. After 10 minutes, this feature becomes unavailable for the relevant message. There is no problem with seeing the message. You can delete it if it is visible but not 10 minutes later.

This feature, which was previously available for Whatsapp, has benefited many people. In particular, hiding is a very effective feature to manage the message on both your own phone and the other phone. In the past, even if you deleted the message from yourself, the message you sent was always in one place because you could not interfere with the other person. It is now possible to remove it within 10 minutes.

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