How To Structure Loan Debt Like A Credit Card?

There was a series of news about configuring credit cards before. Now it turns out that this is not true for credit cards, but for loans as well. So how will you do your loan restructuring? Those who could not pay the debt on their credit cards after the last law can restructure them through Ziraat Bank. So what about the loans?

What Is The Loan Restructuring Requirement?

In order to benefit from this law, you must have delayed your loan payments before February 10, that is, you could not pay them. Applications started recently.

Where Will You Apply To Restructure The Loan?

You make the application to the bank first. You are investigating the situation. Your previous loan payments are checked by your risk reports. No fee is required for application. For configuration, you need to declare your income status. It turns out that you cannot pay this loan after the declaration. Let’s add that there is no debt limit. Because if you can’t pay, the limit doesn’t matter.

What Are The Interest Rates?

You have to be very careful with the phases. Because each bank determines its own interest rate for structuring. In addition, this interest rate varies according to the maturity. The longer the term, the higher the interest rate.

For those who say when it will end, there is no time limit for now. The configuration will continue until a second regulation is made on this issue.

Those who cannot pay their loans can go to the configuration immediately.