How To See Deleted Messages From Everyone On Whatsapp

One of the revolutionary features of Whatsapp is the delete for everyone feature. It has arrived recently and serves as a life saver for many. By deleting the messages you sent incorrectly, you can act as if they did not go away. However, a flaw has emerged. It is now possible to read deleted messages from everyone. We will do this with the help of an app.

With the application called Notification History here, it is possible to see the deleted messages somehow. The application works as follows.

  • You receive a message from Whatsapp.
  • The message is deleted before you read it.
  • When you see this, you open the application immediately and you can see the messages there.

There are several scenarios for this. The only scenario in which this application does not work is when the messages from the disabled account are deleted without seeing them, you cannot read them. Probably in this scenario the message is not even found on the Whatsapp server. I found the most explanatory video on the subject in webtekno.

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