How To Delete A Message From The Other Party In Instagram Direct

Like many Facebook apps, Instagram Direct has the same feature. It is possible to delete messages from the other party. We will give you information on how to do this, but here is a different structure compared to the others. You should delete your messages before the other party can see them.

Whatsapp has a time limit for you to delete a message from the other party. It is possible to delete this message even if the other party sees it. In this way, you can delete the messages that you want the other party to see but do not want to stay there any longer. However, things do not work that way in the Direct application.

To delete a message on Direct, follow this path;

After opening the conversation you want to delete any message, tap on the message you want to delete and say cancel sending. The process is that simple, but the only challenge is that you have to do it before the other party sees it.

This is how you can delete the message from the other party. If the other party has seen the message, even if it is deleted from you, the message will not be deleted from the other party.

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