How To Change WhatsApp Font?

Is WhatsApp, the most frequently used messaging application in the world, an application that you use frequently? Would you like to spice it up a little? I would like to tell you about a few methods to change your writing style.

With the methods I will talk about, you can color your text and use different fonts. You can make your text bold, italic or underline. Here are those methods.

You can use a 3rd party application to change your WhatsApp text style. You can do all kinds of operations. this and similar applications will work, but for those who say they don’t want to use applications, you have the opportunity to shape the text a little.

Make WhatsApp text bold.

To do this, write your message as follows. *your message* bold the text by putting a star at the beginning and the end.

make WhatsApp text italic

To send your text italic, try this. Put an underscore at the beginning and end of your _message_.

cross out the text

For this, find the ~ icon on your keyboard. Send your message as ~your message~.

Spice up your WhatsApp messages even more with these methods.

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