How Do You Prevent Social Media From Listening To You?

Many social media applications are installed on our phones. So, are you sure that they don’t listen to you and don’t record the sound of the environment? You can’t be sure because they always have such a talent. The ironic part is that you give these permissions yourself. Here’s how to stop social media from listening to you with a single move.

A big app like Whatsapp is not likely to eavesdrop on you and secretly record anything from the microphone or camera. It’s not because it can’t, it’s necessary for prestige and reliability. He certainly wouldn’t even think of such a thing to avoid any speculation, but unknown apps, other apps you use to log into your social media accounts? (applications used to manage multiple social media accounts) Are you sure about these?

Even if you are not sure, there is something you can do. To prevent social media applications from accessing the camera and microphone. To do this, look for permissions from within Settings – apps – app itself.

Attention! If you revoke permission to camera and microphone, worst case some apps won’t work. Some features will be unusable. For example, if you cancel Whatsapp’s camera permission, you cannot share stories or take photos directly from Whatsapp.

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