Access Another Phone’s Screen With Google Duo

If you have used Teamviwer on a computer, you are familiar with this feature that we will tell you about. A new feature has come to Google’s chat application called Duo. This feature goes one click beyond video calling. Phones can now give their screens to remote control.

It was possible to control the other from the computer even to the Teamviwer application. In this way, it was easy to get remote support. Now you can do this on Android with the Google Duo app. So how is it done? First you establish the connection. Then you can see the new icon on the camera switch icon. When you click on this, you will see a warning that the other party can see everything. You accept and allow the other party to view your phone’s screen. Everything in the red area is visible.

According to the notifications, the application is currently working with problems. It needs to be developed. This feature will be stable when Google releases the full version to all users in the near future.

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