Is it worth buying car tire insurance?

Car tire insurance is a service that can be purchased additionally to an AC or OC policy. Interestingly, it is relatively cheap – it costs only a few zlotys as standard. This is a very small expense, especially if you compare it with the average cost of organizing roadside assistance yourself. However, before you decide on them, check … Read more

What does the policy and accident insurance cover?

Personal accident insurance is becoming more and more popular. What is hidden under the general concept of the consequences of unfortunate accidents? In popular understanding, it would be “everything” that occurs after the accident, i.e. organization of assistance, transport, treatment, rehabilitation and additionally compensation for loss of health. This is not necessarily the case in reality. The basic … Read more

Can you get your life insurance money back?

In exceptional circumstances, the life insured person may recover money from the premiums paid. Typically, the course of such a transaction is determined by the terms of the contract, which regulate the amount of money to be returned and the time that must pass from the conclusion of the policy. When can you resign from life insurance … Read more

Flood insurance for the apartment

Repairing the damage caused by flooding your home and apartment can eat up a large part of your budget. It is not uncommon for expensive RTV equipment such as a TV set, home cinema, laptop, antique furniture or other expensive equipment to be flooded. However, by purchasing the right flood insurance policy, we can effectively protect ourselves … Read more

Home and apartment equipment insurance

Regardless of whether you buy insurance to protect your belongings or if your bank requires it, for every home or apartment owner, it is as important as protecting the property itself to protect what is inside. Good protection of home furnishings is as important as its walls. What is “home furnishings”? This name is commonly used. Companies … Read more

Which apartment insurance to choose for the bank?

Choosing the right  property insurance  is a key issue – for several million Poles and the financial condition of their household budget. So how do you choose not only minimal protection for a nominal fee, but also a solution that will allow you to sleep peacefully “on your own”? Bank assignment required In accordance with applicable law, a … Read more

Mortgage and home insurance

When taking a mortgage, remember that banks always require you to take out appropriate insurance for your property . However, it is the owner of the house or flat who decides where he will insure and whether he will want to extend the scope of the policy. It is only important that the sum insured for walls and fixed … Read more

Can you have two life insurances? | What should you pay attention to when choosing a policy?

Nothing in life is certain, which is why many people decide to secure the future of their loved ones in case of unexpected events of fate. Purchasing a life insurance policy gives financial protection to the insured’s family, thanks to which members will receive material benefits after his death. Insurance agencies offer different policy packages that cover … Read more